~Call me: Aeon
~Interest: Vampire, Wolf & Dayu
~Sign Zodiac: Pisces
~I love Goth, Animals, Aquarium, Dark, Forest, Romance, City & Hates.
~I love being obsessed with many things.
~Famous: Rick Genest, Elizabeth Gillies, Kaya Scodelario, Jared Leto,
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Gasai Yuno
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eats when im sad, sad when i eat

(via nocturnalcorpxe)

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Thank you Sarah for your generous donation to my research!   I love that you have a nature inspired blog, as well!
Here is one of the spiders I worked with in Yasuni.  It has yet to be named- as many of the animals that reside here do- and one of the biologists at the research station was in the lengthy process of doing so.
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looks so much like my pumpkin patch tarantula Umi, what a neat spider!
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Restless East
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(The Texas Chain Saw Massacre) Wait a minute.. the house was vacant…
Night Diamond

Large Visitor Globe
moon cycle